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It all started 7 years ago, from the corporate offices of our own home, we embarked on the quest to launch a fitness clothing brand. The brand core vision and values we launched with are still the same to this today, being a great quality product that was trendy and inviting to the customer, at an affordable price. Our clothing was based on allowing ease of movement and comfort, while providing the power of femininity and masculinity… in short sexy and strong!

In the beginning BW Apparel was in essence just two people, who worked tirelessly sourcing fabric and working with a passion for fitness. From the humble beginnings of planning, sourcing fabric, pattern makers, and working with small local CMT manufacturers to pilot our project and launch the “Bob and Weave” brand, as it was called. Our hard work and long hours invested into the Bob and Weave brand, built a recognisable KZN clothing brand which built up a loyal customer base around our first store in the quaint Kloof Village Mall in Durban. It was our proudest moments seeing a growing number of people training in the gyms wearing our brand and creation, that motivated us to improve and deliver upon our core principles. The days of rushing from suppliers to CMT manufacturers with two small kids in tow, were definitely worth the effort and sacrifices.

After having built the brand up through our own stores, then growing into a few smaller independent retail outlets, we decided it was time to broaden the horizon and introduce new people to the business, with new ideas… provided that they were like-minded and brought skills to benefit the business.


Early in 2016 I gained a partner that brought some investment and financial skills to the business. Fast forward six months, and our team had grown by two, with the addition of a marketing and design partner, and a specialist fabric sourcing and supply agent.

The progression: from the hard-working duo, to five specialised and skilled partners all sharing a common passion for health and fitness, like-minded in their approach to building a quality brand, that is trendy and fashionable. From stocking the brand in two KZN stores, we are going national with the brand being imminently available throughout the Chrome Supplements and Accessories chain of retail stores, and countless other leading and specialised independent retailers. From the humble beginnings of Bob and Weave Clothing, to the re-branded BW Apparel which is a combination of fashion and core athletic wear.

Our team is extremely excited and invigorated with challenges of growing the business and the brand. Much time, effort and investment has gone into the re-brand BW Apparel giving it an entirely new look, improved fabric quality and a wider range of styles and colours. We have the optimistic vision to become the South African customer’s first choice of “local” fitness clothing that stands side-by-side with the international brands for quality and variety.

“It has been an incredibly rewarding, challenging and exciting journey so far… NEVER GIVE UP!”